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1. Sokoła-Szewioła V., Siejka Z : . Validation of the accuracy of a geodetic automated measurement system based on the GNSS platform for the purposes of continuous monitoring of surface movements in post-mining areas. 21st International Scientific and Technical Conference Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Industrial Techniques and Technologies, March 23-24, 2021, 21. Międzynarodowa Konferencja Naukowo-Techniczna INNOWACYJNE TECHNIKI I TECHNOLOGIE PRZEMYSŁOWE – YouTube

2. Paloma Primo Doncel M., Goerke-Mallet P., Möllerherm, S., Rudolph, T.: PostMinQuake: Potential Learnings of Induced Seismicity During Post-mining in European Coal Regions for the German Oil and Gas Industry, GMK/ÖGEW Spring Conference “Shaping the Energy Transition with Upstream and Storage Technologies”, Poster session, 21/04/2021.

3. Paloma Primo Doncel M, Goerke-Mallet P., Möllerherm S., Rudolph T.: “PostMinQuake: Potential Learnings of induced seismicity during post-mining in European coal regions”: Presentation in the Geokarlsruhe 2021 Conference, for session Post-mining: Opportunities and challenges, 23/09/2021,

4. Palarski J., Sokoła-Szewioła V.: Methods for minimizing hazards during and after the closure of underground coal mines, SOMP Annual General Meeting 2021, Medellin – Colombia, in September 19th to 25th 2021., 24/09/2021

5. Sokoła-Szewioła V., Poniewiera M.: Baza danych referencyjnych do oceny zagrożenia sejsmicznego i ruchów powierzchni na terenach pogórniczych (Reference database for seismic hazard and surface movement assessment in post-mining areas) – XVI Dni Miernictwa Górniczego i Ochrony Terenów Górniczych (XVI Days of Mining Surveying and Protection of Mining Areas), 7 – 9 October 2021, Chęciny., 8/10/2021

6. Chodacki J., Frolik A., Kotyrba A., Mutke G.: “Monitoring of post-mining areas in the PostMinQuake project at the Kazimierz-Juliusz test site” 28th International Science and Technology Conference, Natural Mining Hazards 2021 , -presentation, 8-10 XI 2021, ( , 10/11/2021

7. Sopata P., Sokoła-Szewioła V.: Związki jakościowe aktywności sejsmicznej z przemieszczeniami pionowymi terenu po zamknięciu kopalni z wykorzystaniem technologii DInSAR (Qualitative relationships of seismic activity with vertical ground displacement after mine closure using DInSAR technology), 28th International Science and Technology Conference, Natural Mining Hazards 2021, , 8-10 XI 2021, (, 8/11/2021

8. Sokoła-Szewioła V., Siejka Z., Pomykoł M.: Badania ruchów powierzchni terenu w rejonie podatnym sejsmicznie w po zamknięciu kopalni – studium przypadku (Investigations of land surface movements in a seismically vulnerable area after mine closure – a case study), 28th International Science and Technology Conference, Natural Mining Hazards 2021, , 8-10 XI 2021, (

9. Konicek P., Jirankova E., Kajzar V., Schreiber J., Malucha P., Schuchova K.: Seismic activity and flooding of hard coal mines in the Ostrava-Karvina Coalfield, ), 28th International Science and Technology Conference, Natural Mining Hazards 2021, , 8-10 XI 2021, (

10. Namjesnik D., Kinscher J., 2021 “Impact of post mining on public safety – Gardanne abandoned coalmine (France)”, The Fifth International Symposium on Mine Safety Science and Engineering (ISMSSE2021) ISMSSE 2021, 21-25.11 2021


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